This guide will provide a basic framework for troubleshooting SIP Trunk Related Issues.

Please follow the steps below to identify possible issues.

A) Are you able to get calls to connect? If "No" go to 1. If Yes go to "B"

B) Are you having Audio issues but calls do connect? If "Yes" go to 2. If "No" please describe the problem further and open a ticket.

1. Does your PBX/SIP Device show your Trunk is Registered?

    Yes -> Please make a test call to your main number. What is the number and time of call? Submit this info to us.

    No -> Please check your firewalls to ensure our IPs are not blacklisted and your firewall is configured correctly. Your  firewall should be open to IPs below:

Please ensure your PBX is also registering to where your services are Business SIP Trunks. 

2. Are you having 1 way audio? 

   Yes -> Which side cannot hear?

    No -> Are you having no way audio?

                Yes -> Open T