Summary: This article will guide you in how to order Local Number Portability (LNP) request through IXICA Business Management Portal (BMP)

1. Once logged into the BMP expand the LNP Management section. You will be presented with several subsections. Click on Submit New LNP.

2. Complete Step 1 by entering the name and address under which the numbers to be ported are currently registered with the current provider. These fields are pre-filled for your convenience, but should be edited to reflect the correct information. Click continue to go to the next step.

3. Complete Step 2 by connecting the numbers associated with this account. Numbers should be entered in the following format: NPANXXXXXX (ex: 4165551212). Click continue to go to the next step.

 If we are porting a stand alone number, only the number(s) to be ported are required.

 If we are porting a dependent number, ALL numbers on the account are REQUIRED.

 You will be able to specify which numbers to port, which ones to disconnect and which ones to keep active, in the next step.

4. Complete Step 3, by choosing the type and the disposition for each number entered in step 2. Click continue to go to the next step.

· Choose the following types from the drop down menu : BTN, Roll Over or Stand Alone

· Choose the disposition  from the drop down menu:  Port to IXICA, Leave with current carrier, Disconnect Permanently

5. Complete Step 4 by entering the current service provider and account number with the current provider (Required IF any of the numbers being ported are Mobile Numbers, or this is a PRI port). Complete this step by entering the date you wish the port to take place (For local numbers, a minimum of 7 business days is required. Dates are not guaranteed until confirmed by your current carrier. If there are any holidays, these days will not be counted). Click continue to go to the next step.

6. This is the final step in completing your LNP order. Here we will do a full analysis of all entries made. Complete step 5 by uploading a copy of your most recent bill. If your LNP request contains toll free numbers to be ported, please use the print button at the bottom of this page to print, date and sign this LNP form and then upload it in the below section. Electronic Signatures are NOT acceptable. Once the required documents are uploaded please click the submit button at the bottom of the page.