1. Begin by logging in to https://eportal.ixica.com, if you do not have access to your Business Maangement Portal, please read https://ixica.freshdesk.com/solution/business-management-portal

2. On the right-side menu, click Contacts.

3. The Contacts Manager portal is where you will be able to add, edit, and expire contacts. 

a. To add a new contact, fill the bolded fields under Create New Contact.  Click Create New Contact to save this contact. 

b.  To edit a current contact, click the option "Edit this contact"  where you will have the chance to make the necessary changes.  Click Update Contact to save the updates contact. 

c. After an employee is no longer with a company, please expire the contact to stop any future emails from being sent to that email address.   (Please Note: You cannot delete a contact)

4. To receive promotional items and newsletters from IXICA Communications, click Set Mail list Status to active.  

If you require any assistance you may submit a ticket to IXICA via support@ixica.com