This article will guide you in how to order new local telephone numbers (DIDs) through the IXICA Business Management Portal (BMP)

1. Once logged into the BMP expand the DID Management section. You will be presented with several subsection. Click on Order New Local DID.

2. Now choose the province or state for which you would like to order a new local DID. Please note you can only order Canadian and USA DIDs from here.

3. Once you have chosen a Province or State you will now need to choose the rate centre from where you would like the DID. The rate centre can be a city, town, region, local governing region. For assistance please check with our support team.

4. If we have inventory available for the rate centre chosen then you will be presented with a list of numbers available.

a. Place a check mark in each respective box for the DID you want to order.

b. Once all are selected you may scroll to the bottom and click Order

5. If we do not have inventory for the rate centre chosen then you will be given the option to choose how many DIDs you want and submit the order. 

6. Once the order is submitted you will receive an email notification confirming that the order has been placed. Our DID Assignment team may require additional information and they will contact you via email.

7. Once the order is completed and the DID is assigned to your services we will notify you.

*Please note charges will apply based on your Rate Card which can be found under the Ratecard section of the BMP.