This document will demonstrate how you can enable your IXICA Business Management Portal (BMP).

1. Contact your account manager or sales@ixica.com to enable the feature.

2. Go to the provided link.

3. You will now be presented with a login screen where you must choose the tab Create Account

4. Begin completing the form.

a. Email: Ensure the email you are entering here is already associated to your services with IXICA and is registered as a contact email in our system.

b. Username: You may choose any username for your BMP account

c. Password: Please ensure you are choosing a secure password that is not easily guessed by other people.

d. Repeat Password: Please re-enter the same password you chose in section c.

e. Mathematical question: This is a basic mathematical question to ensure you are human and not a computer program generating the account

d. Click the Create Account button.

5. You will now receive an email to confirm your account creation. This ensures we have the correct email address and account activation is being requested by the authorized person on file. Once your email address is confirmed your account will become active.

6. You can now go to the Business Management Portal and use the credentials you chose in section 4 to login to your BMP

If you require any assistance you may submit a ticket to IXICA via support@ixica.com